I love #riasaltas. Galicia is magical, but the north coast is very special, so much  that it has become the wildest vestige of the entire Galician coast. If you still want to see fishing villages of yesteryear, the undeveloped coast, this is your place.

Loiba, is located between #estacadebares, the northernmost point of Spain, which separates the Cantabrian Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, and Cabo Ortegal (the highest cliffs in Continental Europe). These 15 km of cliffs give access to the sandy areas through zigzagging paths. The route also has 13 benches and picnic areas where you can stop for a snack while enjoying the sound of the sea and the wild beaches. The beaches are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Since its inception in Playa Esteiro (in Barqueiro), ideal for surfers, you can see many wild coves; Esteiro Beach, Fabregas Beach, Os Castros Beach, O Carro Beach … and so on and so on until Espasante.

We recommend to do half of the route of the cliffs, about 14km approx (round trip). This route is called Ruta de las Algas and begins at Playa Esteiro de Barqueiro and ends at Pena Furada (a majestic arch shaped and perforated rock, where the waves break, thus the water enters through a pillar of the arch and is expelled by the upper part of the arch), in front of the Riberia Grande or Sarridal sandbank. If you are a walker, you cannot miss this wonderful coastal route in a unique natural space. The tour can also be done by bicycle, or by car.

Here we leave the map of the Route and the pdf to download:

PDF Turismo natural -Playas – Ruta_das_algas